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Mor Vered- interior desiGnER

Mor Vered interior design studio was established in 2010.

The studio specializes in planning and designing private houses, luxury residences, urban planning, commercial public spaces, in Israel and worldwide.


Mor's inspiration drives from local nature, the desert, and the sea, and love to work with natural materials and colors, like wood and concrete, that have a powerful impact on the total look.


The houses that the studio designed result in rich and unique spaces, using various materials, details, and special items in the space.

Mor's design is born from a conversation between the customers and the place she works, like a tailor-made one. It's her finishing touches that make an interior into a home.

Mor invites you to visit the studio and build your dreams for your property.  


״ עיצוב לא משנה רק את מה שבין קירות הבית, אלא את כל השקפת העולם כולו, לגבי כל מה שאפשרי לכם בחיים״

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